Everyone was forced to adopt the word “pivot” during the unprecedented introduction to Covid and “thinking outside of the box” became a way of survival. From virtual everything; life’s events, doctor appointments, and happy hours to drive through and to go grocery shopping, picnics and shopping sprees. It’s been a challenging time that has sparked some amazing innovation!

WAVE on the go was an idea that developed as we watched the community shine by doing what it does best… helping others! Struggling restaurants feeding healthcare workers and first responders, moms packing lunches for food-insecure children when they too had kids at home to take care of, and many in the professional community volunteering their skills and time in helping non-profits come up with ways to rethink their outreach programs and fundraising efforts during a time when the community, lives and welfare of many were still needing their support. Like minded, and like hearted, people doing what they could!

WAVE works on the same level of purposeful giving… with individuals, restaurants, business and non-profits all coming together to create a circle of impact. Together we will bring the change!

We are so excited to see our “in the shower” idea coming to fruition and how it is going to have the opportunity to make a BIG difference in the lives of so many! With people doing the things they already like to do and supporting business that want to have an impact too. It’s an easy formula ENJOY – IMPACT – REPEAT! We hope you will join us!!

Look for our app to launch in Dallas 2024. If you run a restaurant, business or non-profit and want to know how to get involved reach out to connect@waveonthego.com

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