A new approach to allocating your marketing dollars that motivates customers, directly boosts your bottom line, and enhances your brand.

New Customers

Gain new and passionate customers connected to
hundreds of non-profit organizations.

Strengthen Loyalty

Providing a personalized giving experience connects you
to customers on an emotional level.

Social Impact

It's just a heck of a lot more fun to
have a business that makes an impact!
(Yanik Silver, Evolved Enterprise)

Increased Customers

Increased Customers = Increased Revenue

91% of millennials
said they would switch brands to one associated with a cause. (Cone Communications Millennial CSR Study)

Enhanced ROI

Marketing Dollars Spent Wisely

20% increase
Research shows that companies that integrate
a genuine giving impact into what they do experience
a notable sales increase. (How Corporate Responsibility can Deliver ROI)

Social Impact Made Easy

Giving campaigns can be challenging

85% of employers
say a huge obstacle to launching a successful giving
campaign is their capacity to run one efficiently. (America’s Charities Trends and Strategies)